EuroVision 2020 & Beyond

Upcoming Projects

Finding Hope Ministries desires to fulfill Christ's command to "preach the Gospel to every creature," found in Mark 16:15. Our passion is that every person from every nation would have the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. Our desire as well is to enlarge the vision of born again Christians for world evangelism. 

We conduct annual missions projects global to allow God's people to see firsthand the mission field and come back with an enlarged heart to be more actively engaged. 

Currently, our focus has been on the European continent we call "EuroVision 2020 & Beyond." Our goal is to reach the people of the European continent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through bi-annual evangelistic projects and social media campaigns. Click on each graphic below for a description of each project. 

Irish Invasion

From September 17-28, 2021, we will be conducting an evangelistic crusade in conjunction with Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig in County Cork, Ireland founded by Missionary Craig Ledbetter.

Our goal is to evangelize the people within County Cork, which includes the cities of Cork, Ballincollig, Blarney, Togher, Hollyhill, Fairhill & several other smaller communities in southern Ireland. Our team will assist Bible Baptist in securing new contacts along with promoting a "Special Friend Day" at their church. 

To keep up to date with details surrounding this project, visit our Facebook page.